Apb how to get more outfit slots

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Mod The Sims - Extra outfit slots?

LIKE us on Facebook - GamersFirst DISCLAIMER: Liking us on Facebook helps us keep the game vibrant and alive by virtue of a larger community surrounding the game. We very much appreciate your support of our game development effort. Many thanks from APB Reloaded Development team. Extra slots - Official Star Trek Online Wiki Extra slots are available for requisition through some fleet stores. As with all Fleet Holdings, you can get yourself invited to a different fleet's holding that is already upgraded if your own fleet is lacking that particular upgrade. Farming/Gardening Guide | BDFoundry You can also get the Shabby Fence as a quest reward (0 CP cost) which has 1 slot. This is useful if you have less than 10 farms. The Old Moon Fence requires Master Lv. 1 in Farming and is the same CP and slots as the strong fence, but is much smaller in size, which makes it more efficient to tend to and uses less fertilizer.

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Business Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us ... In APB Reloaded, how do I change outfits? [duplicate] Ask Question 0. Possible Duplicate: How can I change my clothes? I have tried every button on the screen but it doesn't work. I want to change to the new clothes I won in the game.

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